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Bondra On Considering Position With the Caps: "This Is My Future"

<em>photo:  Japers' Rink</em>
photo: Japers' Rink

An interview with Slovak national team General Manager -- and, of course, Washington Capitals legend -- Peter Bondra published over the weekend in Bratislava's Pravda, following the conclusion of Slovakia's play in the IIHF World Championships, revealed that Bondra has had an offer on the table for a position with the Caps.  One that may still impact his decision to stay on with the national team in his current post.  Translated via Google (bearing in mind its limitations), in relevant part:

At the prior [World Championship] you have declared that you will decide after the next [WC] if you will continue in the post of general manager.  Staying? Are you going?

The work I enjoy, but in the last two years, I have to table an offer from the club Washington Capitals - and delayed a decision on whether to accept.

What is the position?

We discussed it, but I cannot anticipate.  In Washington, I played a substantial part of my career.  I could help build it as an employee of the club.  Familiar environment, management knows me.  This is my future.  Before the Olympics in Vancouver, I did not want to leave.  Now, Glen Hanlon has come to coach the Slovak national team.  I feel responsible to help him in the beginning.  I would like to continue, because the future world championships will be in Slovakia.

No further information was available from the Caps.

We could certainly envision Bondra serving in some sort of player development role, much like Dale Hunter did for a brief period following his Washington career.