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Thursday Caps Clips: Double Shot of Double Nickel

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Time to pay Jeff Schultz... [A Capital Offense]
  • ... who gets the "by the tens" treatment today. [Peerless]
  • It's been a busy week for Marcus Johansson. [FanPost]
  • Russia and Canada meet today in the World Championships, but proper perspective is maintained (by the players, at least). [CBC]
  • Five reasons Russia will not lose at Worlds. [Universal Sports]
  • Taking pot-shots at players who declined to go to Cologne to represent their respective countries... [IIHF]
  • ... and reactions to that silliness. [BtN, Snapshots]
  • Corey Masisak talkin' Caps. [The Grinder]
  • The number one game of 2009-10. [Live in Red]
  • Everything you thought you knew was wrong. [Sporting News]
  • Ever wonder why Andrew Gordon pats guys on the head after laying 'em out? No? Well, you get an answer nonetheless. [Rink Rebel]
  • Finally, happy 45th birthday to Bruce Cassidy.