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Wednesday Caps Clips: John Carlson's a Winner

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via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • John Carlson has had a pretty good year. []
  • In case you missed it, a couple of Alexander Semin interview translations magically appeared in the overnight. ("The puck was simply cursed"? Really?) [Japers' Rink, Japers' Rink]
  • The Bruce Boudreau media tour continues with a stop at CSN Washington and an interesting online chat at the Post. [CSN Washington, WaPo]
  • D.C.'s getting ready to reach a little deeper into your pockets for attending sporting events within the city limits. I demand a reduction in Verizon Center beer prices to offset the new tax. [Bog]
  • With a little (ok, a lot of) luck, Alex Ovechkin would've had another 60-goal season. [BtN]
  • AO spoke prior to yesterday's game versus Kazakhstan. [RMNB]
  • Hey, look - Sasha remembered how to score. [CI]
  • Speaking of World's, guess who's back in action. [Canwest]
  • And the Rod Langway Trophy (not to be confused with the Rod Langway Award) goes to... this one was easy. [RtR]
  • Is Sidney Crosby "alone at the top"? Do we care? [Bog]
  • Join us in welcoming newcomer Live in Red to the blogosphere, and we'll pick up their "Top Ten Games of -09-10" series already in progress at number seven. [Live in Red]
  • Get to know CSN Washington's Russ Thaler. [StC]
  • A Mathieu Perreault update is always welcome. [A Capital Offense]
  • Finally, happy 51st birthday to the Caps' sixth-all-time leading goal-scorer and Miracle-on-Icer Dave Christian.