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Semyon Varlamov: "Let's Not Get Hasty"

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Following his outstanding performance in the Capitals 5-1 win in Montreal, Sovetsky Sport correspondent Gennady Boguslavsky caught up with Semyon Varlamov and got his take on the game.    


- After the game in Washington (6:5 OT) you said that you weren't satisfied with your game, having let in three goals. What do you have to say now?

"This time the whole team played great. They took advantage of a lot of opportunities.  Even though it is really tough to play in Montreal with fans like theirs. There is a lot of pressure here. You can't let up even for a second, especially in the first period, when the Canadiens were running and had the initiative."

- Did it seem to you like Montreal was not changing things up?

"Every game is different. Tomorrow they might totally change their style of attack."

- Did Theodore give you any hints? After all, he played for Montreal for a long time and knows the team well.

"Jose is a great guy, and I always feel his support. He encourages me before the games. Theodore even helped me last season."

- Would you say there has been a turning point in the series and Washington has found its game?

"I wouldn't be too hasty. I'm sure that Montreal hasn't given up yet. The series is only 2-1 now. In game four the Canadiens will be playing twice as furiously. The only thing they need is victory."

- From a goaltender's point of view, can a statement like Ovechkin's about the "shaking hands of Halak" unnerve a goalkeeper? After all, Jaroslav was yanked after he let in a third goal!

"Halak is a great goaltender, and I don't agree with Ovechkin on this. Everything was fine with my opponent's hands. All the goals scored on Jaroslav were difficult ones. Some were screened, some were deflections... Halak simply didn't have a chance."