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Tuesday Caps Clips: The Calm Before the Storm

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via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • So we're not necessarily buying "Well, we've addressed it"? Didn't think so. [WaPo]
  • If the Habs are to have any chance in this series, they'll likely need Jaroslav Halak to be the second coming of Patrick Roy, Jacques Plante and/or Ken Dryden. (I wonder if any of those guys ended his season with three-straight losses to non-playoff teams.) [Corey Masisak]
  • On the other hand, goaltending really isn't all that key for the Caps. That's an, um, original take. []
  • Besides, you can't predict who's going to be hot and who's going to fizzle come playoff time. [BtN]
  • Even still, Jose Theodore 's third period save percentage over his 24 games is a little bit amazing. [Brodeur is a Fraud]
  • Other storylines worth following. []
  • Can the Caps make a run? [CI]
  • "I get the impression there are about five players on the Montreal roster the other Canadiens don't trust on the ice." Oof. [Elliotte Friedman, who has some other Caps items as well]
  • If you missed Rink Side Radio last night, check it out (I'm at the top of the show, which is convenient). [Rink Side Radio]
  • A bunch of stat dumps over at Habs Eyes On The Prize. [Here, Here and Here]
  • The Caps were pretty good against good teams. Montreal? Not so much. [Bird Watchers Anonymous]
  • Predictions: The Hockey News, The Hockey News, Damien Cox, Ray Ferraro, TSN and the CAPS lock.
  • Embrace the bandwagoners, Caps fans. Alternatively, show them all due respect. [WaPo]
  • Where the Habs stand heading into the playoffs. [Gazette]
  • Jacques Martin says the pressure is on the Caps, which makes sense, as Montreal has already met its goal of barely making the playoffs for a second consecutive year.... [Gazette]
  • ... But Bruce Boudreau says the pressure's on the Habs because they're the Habs... [CBC]
  • ... and Jaroslav Spacek says the pressure is on AO. [Gazette]
  • That R.J. Umberger quote is in heavy rotation in La Belle Province, but Mike Cammalleri knows what's up. [TSN]
  • Some keys to Caps/Habs. [Ed Frankovic]
  • Apparently "exciting teams have a hard time winning titles." Uh, yeah. [CTV]
  • "The Canadiens, meanwhile, labour to score, are undersized up front and showed a tendency down the stretch to become unglued under pressure." Other than that, they're pretty awesome. [CP]
  • The final power rankings of the regular season have the Caps holding the top spot at,TSN (with a bit more), National Post, and The Hockey News.
  • A bunch of great stuff from Steinz yesterday, including a discussion of Alex Ovechkin's strength, his parents' gratitude (refined for the paper), Jose Theodore moving product and Montreal's former love of JT60.
  • The Caps complete the Hart-Norris sweep... on one voter's ballot, at least. [National Post]
  • Another good post in support of Mike Green. [RtR]
  • Translation of an Ovechkin/Alexander Semin interview. [FanPost]
  • Eight things you didn't know about AO (and by "you," they don't mean you). [MSNBC]
  • Good to see my buddy Eric McErlain and OWO gearing up for the playoffs. [Off Wing Opinion]
  • If only games were played on paper. [Puck Probabilities]
  • Be a man and grow a beard. That goes for you ladies, too. [RtR]
  • Pat Sajak know his S _ I T ("I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat"). []
  • Octopi in Detroit, rats in Florida, possibly snakes in Phoenix... what would Caps fans throw on the ice if such shenanigannery were to take place here? Donkeys and elephants? [CapsBlog]
  • Alex Ovechkin's 50 goals in 50 seconds. [FanShot]
  • Look, they mention the Caps and there's a picture with some Caps bobbleheads in it, so I'm linking. And you're clicking. [WaPo]
  • Calder Cup predictions. [Patriot-News]
  • Great stuff on Braden Holtby. [Bears Bites and Insights]
  • More from down on the farm in your Farm Report. [FanPost]
  • You love the mantra. You live the mantra. Now buy the shirt. [Japers' Rink Store]
  • Per the HHoF, on this date back in 1997, "Capitals' rookie Jaroslav Svejkovsky scored his first career four-goal game as Washington won 8-3, at Buffalo." "First."
  • Finally, happy 47th birthday to Jim McGeough and happy 36th birthday to Sergei Gonchar (who I'd never have guessed was 36 if I hadn't seen him play this year).