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Friday Caps Clips: A Double of Scotty Walker Red

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's win from the us, WaPo (blog, gamer), Vogs, Puck Daddy, DCEx, Joe B., Ed Frankovic, Peerless, Dmitry Chesnokov (here and here), OFB, RMNB, RtR, CK (and thanks for the title, bud), DC Landing Strip, Caps In Pictures (great shots of the camo warm-up unis) and Cap Centre.
  • More on the deadline from Vogs, DCEx, Justin Bourne, Peerless, Eric McErlain, Homer McFanboy, DCist and FanHouse.
  • "This is the best Caps lineup in franchise history, even if the goaltending situation remains unsettled." Dang. [ESPN]
  • As a result of all of those deadline deals, Bruce Boudreau has some tough lineup decisions to make, and not just in goal. [Corey Masisak]
  • Sometimes the best deals you make at the deadline... are the ones you made the summer before. Wisdom. [Peerless]
  • Original? Not exactly. Awesome? Unquestionably. [Tackfilm]
  • "A Fan's Guide to Attending a Caps Game," if you find yourself in need of such a thing. [Capitals Outsider]
  • The Caps have a new goal song. Uh... sweet? [OFB]
  • An stat-driven look at Alex Ovechkin's goal-scoring prowess in historical context. [Pro Sports Blogging]
  • AO is one to watch post-Olympics... which is different than pre-Olympics how? [CBC]
  • The D.C. City Council wants the Winter Classic in D.C. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • How is the bobblehead designed to provide incentive for people to give blood not Matt Bradley. #promotionfail [Capitals via FanShot]
  • Cool behind-the-scenes look at how the Game Ops folks deal with deadline craziness. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • How to statistically evaluate defense. [Puck Prospectus]
  • What the Oskar Osala trade means to Hershey. [Patriot-News, LDN]
  • Speaking of the Bears, they practiced outside yesterday (and Hershey + outdoor hockey = OFB heaven). [OFB, Patriot-News]
  • Finally, per the HHoF, on this date thirty years ago, "Washington rookie Mike Gartner scored his second career hat trick and added an assist in the first period to lead the Capitals to a 7-5 win over the visiting St. Louis Blues. Paul Mulvey added four assists. "