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The Washington Capitals at the Deadline: Roundup

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An hour after the NHL's trade deadline and with the dust starting to settle, attention turns to trade evaluation and analysis.  As many of you no doubt noticed, we've been tracking the Caps' dealings all day here at Japers' Rink.  Of course, reacting to the trades individually and reacting to the day's dealings as a whole are two very different things.  With that in mind, we thought we'd take a brief look at the big picture.

That said, here's a look at what assets the Capitals brought in, and which ones they moved out:

In Out
Eric Belanger
Joe Corvo
Milan Jurcina
Scott Walker
Oskar Osala
Brian Pothier
2nd round pick (2010)
2nd round pick (TBD)
6th round pick (TBD)
7th round pick (2010)

The "In" column is slightly underwhelming.  Four useful NHL caliber players to be sure, and an effort to generally address some of the team's needs both in style of play and on the depth chart, but not the shiny bauble some fans undoubtedly wanted.  The good news is on the "Out" side of the equation.  Second round picks have some value, but with a solid farm system in place the Capitals don't need them as much as some other teams, and only one NHL roster player was moved (and one who was replaced, on paper at least, by a comparable yet better player).

Full analysis is going to take time, and realistically speaking seeing even a couple of games with the new guys is going to go a long way towards determining their value.  Still, it's only natural that we, as fans, start the evaluation process right now.

And of course, don't forget to check out SBN's trade deadline hub for reaction to all the day's moves:

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