There's No Cheering in the Press Box

As a young journalist I've had the pleasure of working in a variety of press boxes. Regardless of the venue, be it an NHL game, State football/volleyball championship or just a regular ole' ball game, the rules are pretty clear.

Check your team affiliation at the door when you enter the press box.

Leave your Ovechkin sweater in the closet, look at the game with an objective eye and act like a professional while you enjoy a "free game". The press box is a place of work, not a sandbox for name calling and petty rivalry (unless you're in an SEC press box, then it's game on).

In case you haven't heard, on Sunday one of Washington's very own bloggers got into a tiff with Mike Milbury over this comment...

"...Ovie, I'm still your Daddy here." -Milbury on Crosby's two-goal performance in the first period.

Phil of Capitals Outsider wasn't wrong to approach Mike Milbury concerning his "daddy" comment after the game. It's not uncommon for a journalist to have to eat his words or defend them when it's obvious they were wrong. But Phil may not have needed to be so coarse about the comment considering Ovechkin had made a buffoon of Milbury with his hat-trick in the comeback win.

Where I take umbrage is when Phil whips out his video camera seeking the next big YouTube moment, an action that cascaded Phil from zero-to-amateur faster than Ovie on I-66 during a summer day. It's an action that can get a working journalist banned from the press box and fired from his or her job. You just don't do it.

As press box bloggers we need to remember we've been invited into the world of working professionals. Milbury is one of those professionals and while we may not like his comments, save your barbs for your blogs.

A well written post about Milbury's comment would have done more to serve as comeuppance than trying to provoke him for a few hits on YouTube.

Perhaps the Capitals will tighten up their media access to bloggers because of this incident, but at least we've learned one thing: the pen is mightier than the flip camera.

Stay professional fellow bloggers.

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