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Capitals to Open 2011-12 in Sweden?

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The NHL has kicked off its past four seasons with games in Europe, and, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen, the Washington Capitals might be one of the teams to open the 2011-12 season abroad as that tradition continues:

A source told Expressen that the Washington Capitals are one of the teams that have been asked to participate in next season's NHL Premier in Europe. If the team accepts the invitation, they will play in Stockholm, Sweden.

"I know we got the question one or two years ago. I can't remember which season it was, but our General Manager turned them down. All I know is that there's been some talk about us getting a new request but I haven't heard anything," said Washington Capitals scout Mats Weiderstål.

The report also noted the potential for an exhibition game leading up to the NHL games between the Caps and Nicklas Backstrom's former team, Brynäs, a game which Brynäs General Manager Hans-Göran Karlsson said would be "a dream come true for the club."

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