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Capitals Power Ranking Roundup: Week 10

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Our weekly temperature-taking of the mainstream media's opinions on the Washington Capitals:

Outlet This Week Last Week What They're Saying
N/R 4
Ed. note: The Caps fell out of the CBC's Top Six, but not as far as the Bottom Six, and continue to not be Canadian, so there is no ranking this week.
14 4 Not that there's anything wrong with him, but the Caps haven't won since they traded for defenseman Scott Hannan.
8 4 HBO's cameras are capturing the Capitals in the middle of a six-game winless stretch that's featured a disturbing Alex Ovechkin slump. Bruce Boudreau is a good man and an excellent coach, but it's beginning to look like Washington needs a change.
- 4 Pending
10 5 The Caps' winless streak reached six games Sunday night after the team was embarrassed at Madison Square Garden. Their franchise superstar, Alex Ovechkin, was also dumped in a fight with Brandon Dubinsky. Yikes, things are ugly right now in D.C. (LeBrun)
9 4 The Capitals better hope to get a clue under their tree for Christmas because right now the team doesn't have one. Washington dropped another three games last week, giving the team just one win in its first seven games this month. Just call Alex Ovechkin "Captain Clueless" as the Caps leader has done nothing this month to help his team get out of its funk.
6 3 Ovechkin dropped the gloves vs. New York, but the losing continues for Caps.
  13 4 Six-game losing streak led owner Ted Leonsis to call a meeting. He blogged, "Panic and anger won't help. That is all I can say right now." Wonder if he said Coach Bruce Boudreau's job is secure.
- 3 Pending
- 3 Pending
5 2 Three straight losses for a team with this kind of fire power has people scratching their heads in Washington. Will the real Capitals please stand up?
13 3 In six straight losses, the Capitals have scored a total of eight goals. The last two were without D Mike Green, thanks to the flu, but Green has atypically managed only one point in the previous ten games so, like the rest of the Caps, he hasn't been having the same offensive impact this season.
Key Injuries: None. [Ed. note: Scott Cullen, you know we love you, and we know he's no fantasy demon, but surely you remember a certain defenseman on our squad who's out with a busted paw?  Tall fellow, answers to Mr. Nasty.  It's not really the same team without him.]
6 4 Six-game losing streak longest since 2007.
- 1 Biweekly ranking.  Will be updated next week.

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