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Catch Japers' Rink Radio Tomorrow!

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Greetings, Caps fans around the globe!  Oh, step back from that ledge (or at least have a hot cocoa -- it's cold out there).

Russell and I get back to business tomorrow with a new episode of JRR at 10am Eastern!  We'll be joined again by legendary former Cap, CSN Washington analyst, and friend of the show, Alan May.  We'll chat about leadership, both behind the bench and on the ice, winning the right way (or just winning at all), why this is happening, and the early returns on Scott Hannan.  Plus we'll ask ol' #16 what he has planned for the Caps-Pens alumni game to precede the Winter Classic.

And it's also a game night tomorrow, where your Washington Capitals square off downtown against super-sniper Tomas Fleischmann and the Colorado Avalanche.  So here's your question for tomorrow's show:

Which line will put up more points on Saturday:  Flash's line or Semin's line?  And why?

The call in number is (917) 388-4003 and we'll take your questions @japersrinkradio.

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