Rink Pick-Up Game and Blog Party


So, with the possibility of a Japers' Rink pickup game some time in December (or maybe January), we're wondering whether we can make a whole blog party out of it. Would you be interested in coming to watch your internet friends play hockey after we all watch the professionals do it? Would you be able to devote a few hours to a blog party if the pickup game was at Kettler and we watched the Caps game at one of the bars in the mall underneath? (Rabbits, would you want to get together and put in another order for shirts?) Caps away games over the next few weeks: Wed., Dec. 1 8pm at St. Louis Thurs., Dec. 2 8:30pm at Dallas Sun., Dec. 12 7pm at New York Sat., Dec. 18 7pm at Boston Sun., Dec. 19 7:30pm at Ottawa Sun., Dec. 26 7pm at Carolina Sat., Jan. 1 1pm at Pittsburgh (I'm guessing we don't want to mess with that last one for obvious reasons)