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Friday Caps Clips: Caps @ Thrashers Game Day

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's season opener in Atlanta from Vogs,, Peerless, RtR, LIR and RLS, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner Bird Watchers Anonymous for coverage from the other side of tonight's match up.
  • Coverage from yesterday's practice. [Caps365 (video), CI, TBD, bridgetds (rather chummy pics), Caps In Pictures (pics)]
  • Alex Ovechkin had a tough 2009-10. Hopefully he takes it out on 2010-11. [Masisak]
  • The WaPo has a massive preview up. So big, in fact, that it features both Mike Wise and your favorite bloggers. [WaPo]
  • They're blinding me with science. [WaPo]
  • Marcus Johansson is flying under the radar a bit... for now. [McKenzie]
  • Eric Fehr on the upcoming campaign. [CSN Washington (video)]
  • Can a psychologist fix what's wrong with the Caps? That depends - what are his qualifications as a second-line center? [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Semyon Varlamov and Michal Neuvirth are the 19th-best goaltending tandem in the League, behind the likes of Carey Price and Alex Auld, per Darren Eliot. [SI]
  • "[N]othing the Caps do between now and April amounts to much more than time-killing entertainment." See you in April then, Allan? [Muir]
  • A potpourri of predictions... [Puck Daddy, CBC, Peerless, JtG, LA Times, CK]
  • ... and previews. [OFB, YouTube, TBD]
  • On the Washington/Hershey relationship. [Leone]
  • "If the NHL ever considers contraction, the league probably should just make the Capitals and Sharks into one franchise. It's called failure consolidation." Snarky! [ESPN]
  • Confirming what your eyes have told you - AO has been getting less space to unleash his slapper at even strength over the years, but as his teammates have gotten better, he's found more time and space to do so on the power play. [Behind The Net]
  • Bruce Boudreau on Off the Record. [TSN (video, h/t Caps Today)]
  • This or That: UFC vs. WWF (with the latter getting my vote). [Caps365 (video)]
  • League-wide storylines, featuring a few Caps mentions. [Farber]
  • Yesterday's radio hits:
  • A video game predicts the Caps will lose a Game 7 on home ice next spring. Hey, if it's in the game, it's in the game. [Puck Daddy]
  • Intimidation as a part of hockey, like Pat Burns, isn't dead yet. [OWO]
  • Because Haikus are hai-cool. [Box Seats]
  • On "Young Guns" and "Young Guns II" (and does that make D.J. King a Regulator?). [Peerless, TinyPic]
  • Ted talks leadership. [CI]
  • Previewing the Bears season. [Leone, Leone, Leone, Leone]
  • More notes from Hershey. [Leone]
  • Not sure I ever thought I'd be typing "Head Coach Dwayne Zinger," but there it is. [Queen City Storm]
  • On the plus side (for them), former Caps Chris Clark and Kyle Wilson have made the Blue Jackets' opening night roster. On the minus side, it looks like they'll be healthy scratches. [BJX]
  • Do some good, won't you? [FanPost]
  • Finally, happy 51st birthday to John Blum.