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Saturday Caps Clips: Throwdown at the Phonebooth

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Your savory Saturday CapsCon links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's scuffle win from Vogs, Masisak, Carerra (blog, gamer), McNally, Frankovic, CapsNewsNetwork, KoL, Pictures (Morning skate [Caps in Pix], Game [Bridget Samuels])
  • Japers' Rink Radio hits the interwaves at 10 Eastern. Corey Masisak returns to talk Caps hockey and look ahead to the season opener. [JRR]
  • Ready for CapsCon? Info here, schedule here, after party here.  And the Boss is on the bloggers' panel at six p.m. - here.
  • Peter Bondra and Olie Kolzig will be there.  Here's why that's important. [Box Seats]
  • And here's Olie, in his own words. [XM Home Ice]
  • Jason Chimera got some radio time too. [106.7 The Fan]
  • Five down, one to go.  Enough already with the preseason. [Puckhead's Thoughts]
  • Well, there's preseasons and then there's pre-careers. Brendan Woods, son of Caps assistant coach Bob Woods, embarks on his journey. [OFB]
  • We've seen a lot of new Alex Ovechkin ads this week.  This may be the best one yet.  []
  • We've seen a lot of new Ovi interviews as well.  This one's not bad. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Is AO's noggin funnier than Bruce Boudreau? [Caps Outsider]
  • Gabby! [@ovifan8]
  • Scott Burnside asks and answers ten questions about the Caps' upcoming season. [ESPN]
  • But what're the odds? [Puck Daddy]
  • The younger youngsters are battling it out... [Hockey Independent]
  • ...and the older youngsters are stepping up and answering the call to lead. [Corey]
  • Jose Theodore may or may not be signed with the Minnesota Wild.  We wish him all the best, regardless. [FanShot]
  • Neate Sager takes a look at Cody Eakin's return to juniors. [Buzzing the Net]