Recap: Rink Rats vs Rink Rats

The community that's been created here at the Rink is certainly one of a kind, filled with people of passion and insight, with individual voices (that they're never afraid to use) - and hockey fans, all. It's a place where differing opinions don't preclude friendship, where respect is given not based on what one believes but by how they present their side, and where strong bonds are formed

So naturally it's nice when everyone from the community splits into two teams and tries to kill each other has a friendly battle on the ice.

It was a great night all around, with hockey on the ice and fans in the stands. Many of the Rats showed off their mad hockey skills, while the Rabbits and friends took to the stands and cheered them on to, whatever the end result was. No winners, no losers., really.

Ten more thoughts on the game:

  • A great offensive performance by Fehr and Balanced tonight, with at least a hat trick to his name. And of course, mid-game he stopped to debate with a spectator about the relative positive and negative aspects of the Semin contract (and somehow got banned from three different SBN blogs in the process...).
  • Shocking moment of the night: a mid-game trade of winterion that seemed to visibly shake up both sides. Afterward no one would claim it as an excuse, but it was clear the move had consequences for at least one of the teams.
  • Being a goalie amid the massive offensive talents on both sides was no easy task - but it was clear early on that Kerry Fraser's Hairspray and zephyr were more than up to it. Between the two of them they actually managed to keep the total score in the double digits. Hell, there are some nights where we'd be happy with that effort from a single Caps goalie.
  • It didn't stop the two of them from coming to center ice and dropping the gloves late in the game, however. Decision: a draw. Neither one can fight in goalie pads.
  • Despite the goodwill and camaraderie that seemed to pervade the arena, there was a brief disturbance in the stands when several spectators jumped someone for not having an avatar. The offending visitor was removed by security and all was well again.
  • The bad news: no one won a faceoff. The good news: no one lost one, either. Hooray! 100% success rates all around, well done.
  • It was a fairly disciplined game for both sides, as the refs seemed to have swallowed their whistles for most of the game and in fact often seemed downright invisible. Quiet night in the sin bin.
  • Well, quiet save for a rash of penalties taken by dociavelli. Midway through the game he was assessed 2 minutes for diving, 5 for boarding, a 10 minute misconduct...and a game misconduct for being a Penguins fan. And all after he complained about the hats on the ice for F&B hat trick.
  • Considering the amount of beer that was likely consumed (and the relative suckitude of our brave boys in LA tonight), not as much falling down out there as expected. Well...not on the ice, anyway. Can't say the same for some of the Rabbits. Ahem.
  • Coach Whiter Mage of the White Team had this to say about his team's ultimately unsuccessful performance: "It couldn't possibly be the coaching. I blame this loss entirely on the players." Torts-in-training?

At some point most of us stopped keeping score, and that was probably a good thing for one team (that shall remain nameless) - but when all was said and done, the score didn't matter.
All that does matter is that a good game was played by all, a good time had by all!

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