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Thursday Caps Clips: Caps @ Penguins Game Day

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of (and other stuff related to) tonight's battle with the Penguins from Vogs, WaPo (here and here), DCEx, Peerless, RMNB, StC, RtR and, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner PensBurgh as well as Empty Netters, Pittsburgh Tribune and the Post-Gazette (here and here) for coverage from the other side of tonight's match up.
  • To refresh your memory... nah.
  • For those of you in town, we expect to see you at the Japers' Rink/Puck Daddy viewing party at Bailey's tonight. For those of you who aren't, make sure to stop by CSN Washington's online chat - hosted by Corey Masisak - during the game and blow the lid off the thing so they wise up and hire our guy already.
  • Jordan Staal, Matt Cooke and Tyler Kennedy will be tasked with shutting down the Caps' top line most of the time... [Penguins]
  • ... while the Caps will prepare a little differently to try to stop the Pens' captain (in part because he's scoring more goals these days, and in part, I'm sure, because they couldn't stop him last time out). [ESPN]
  • BREAKING: The Caps will need to work harder than they did Tuesday night. [CI]
  • Speaking of Tuesday night, Jose Theodore reacts to the love he got from the home crowd. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • The NHL has many great individual rivalries, but few as intense as Alex Ovechkin and... Douglas Murray. [The Hockey News]
  • As for that "other" rivalry, if Ovi was hanging off a cliff and Sid could save him or his Miller Lite... well, let's just say they're not BFFs. []
  • More on Ovi vs. Sid. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Still more. [USA Today]
  • George McPhee spent wisely last summer... [Puck Prospectus]
  • ... and here are some of the names he might be looking at come this season's trade deadline. [The Hockey News]
  • "The length of [Ovechkin's] shifts might be the next step in his evolution as a leader, especially when the Caps are trying to protect a lead." How much street cred do I lose for agreeing with John Buccigross? [ESPN]
  • This might be my favorite Bog post ever. Seriously. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Jim Rome defends Matt Bradley's and AO's respective roles in last week's game against the Bolts. [MLive]
  • Ovi on the incident: "I stood there confused and thought, WTF?" (That's just part of an epic, must-read translation by TJ.) [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Speaking of Brads, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle is so full of win. [FanShot]
  • Revisiting at the Jason Chimera trade eleven games in. [RtR]
  • In case you missed our 'Guess The Hat Trick' contest yesterday, make sure to get your entry in soon. [Japers' Rink]
  • Photos of your Hershey Bears All-Stars... [John Walton Hockey]
  • ... one of whom was named AHL Player of the Week. [Bears]
  • Down a level (temporarily), Braden Holtby was named Outstanding Goaltender in the ECHL Skills Competition. [Stack the Pads]
  • Good to know that we'll soon be entering the "play for the tie" portion of the season. Yawn. [BtN]
  • Finally, happy 60th birthday to original Cap Ron Anderson.