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'Guess The Hat Trick' Contest

Despite leading the League in goals and having more individual player two-goal games than any other team in the League (and by miles), the Caps are still looking for their first hat trick of the season.

That's where you come in: guess the player, game/date and time of the Caps' first hattie and win a prize - it's that simple.

Here's how to enter:

  • Provide your guess in the comments to this post as follows: "Player, date, time of the game." Make sure to pick a game day and use time elapsed in the game for your time (for example, if you think A.O. will turn the trick with 7:04 left in the third period tomorrow night, your entry should read "Alex Ovechkin, January 21, 52:56").

The criteria to determine the winner are given in the order in which you're providing your guesses (i.e. player first, then date, then time), and Price Is Right rules apply (i.e. closest without going over). Only your first entry in the comments will count, and the winning entry will have to be submitted prior to the opening face off of the game in which the hat trick is completed. If for some reason two people submit the same entry, and it wins, the earlier submission wins.

Got it? Good.

Oh yeah, you want to know about the prize, don't you? How about a Matt Bradley autographed puck... because everyone #needsmorebradleyswag.

Good luck.