Japers' Rink On Ice: Part Deux- RESCHEDULED!

Right now we are being offered a 9:30 time slot.  I know it's not ideal, and I asked for earlier, but what we are stuck with if we want the 6th.  I'm personally more tied to the date than the time so I'm inclined to keep it.  If we want to cancel Iwe better figure it out now because she needs to put the contract together ASAP.  Bold predictions and details after the jump.

Update:  I talked to KCI and we are rescheduling this game.  Sorry folks, but it's probably best (safest) this way.

Ok, so again, email my profile address with "Japers' Rink Pick Up" as the subject to make it easier for record keeping.  I understand several people can bring in outsiders, and if we need to I'll tap that potential, but I'd rather keep it mostly us because otherwise the dynamic changes.  If we can't get 15-20 Rink Rats I'll probably just postpone it.  I don't want half the guys there to be from one men's league team.  Bring your cash to the rink because I think we'll be able to pay right before we get on the ice again and this way I won't have to front the money.  Bring $25 again and if it's less per person we'll adjust.  Finally, after we hash out some of the personnel issues here I'll set up another goalie FanShot.  K_C is thinking about coming down for the game, and if he does he deserves a net.  Other than that you guys need to figure it out again. 

Bold Predictions:  

If dociavelli has the stones to show up again, I'm going to shut him out.  Get the Selke ready because it's going on my trophy case bookshelf.

On the strength of some beautiful F&B passes Jordan will finally reach his Boyd Gordonesque scoring potential.

Fulton "Drinking Partner" Reed will hit the net at least twice.

I will catch highslot at least once.

This game will be lower scoring as both teams game plan and adjust to the offensive weapons on the other side.

BigMac is going to be the unsung hero.

Sct112 v. F&B will be a battle of epic proportions.

I'm still gonna light it up.

We'll get drunk after, but Laich it or Lump it will once again duck his debt with me.

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