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Wednesday Caps Clips: 'Hawks @ Caps Gameday

via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Expect Varly in net tonight opposite Cory Crawford.
  • A little perspective on the upcoming final cuts from the guy who does "perspective" better than anyone. [Dump and Chase]
  • Speaking of perspective, why John Carlson's cut isn't surprising at all. [VFtCS]
  • Picking up your family and moving to a new town ain't easy (but I'm sure most of us would do it for seven figures per year). [Washington Times]
  • It's now or never for Alexandre Giroux. [Washington Post]
  • If there's an easier way to get page views than putting together a mildly controversial list and watching the incoming links pile up, it's posting the Erin Andrews video I'm not aware of it. So I'm a sucker for linking to Mike Brophy's Top 50 Players (spoiler alert: Caps place second, 29th, 33rd and 35th), and you're a sucker for clicking through. []
  • Oh, and the rationale for why Alex Ovechkin is second on that list is garbage. [Hockey or Die!]
  • Understatement of the Year nominee: "Finding a way to fit veteran center Michael Nylander into the Washington Capitals lineup might be a problem for coach Bruce Boudreau and GM George McPhee this season." [The Hockey News]
  • They asked some questions, we gave some answers. [DC Pro Sports Report]
  • Steve Yzerman acknowledged that having Mike Babcock behind the Team Canada bench helps puck-moving defensemen trying to make the team. "We want to be a fast team, we want to be able to move the puck up the ice, and having mobile, skilled defencemen is very important to how we want to play." Mike Green... trending up. []
  • Speaking of the Olympics, Puck Daddy details the nuclear option for Russian players who want to play in front of their countryman in 2014, while a Canadian writer tells us why these players deserve no sympathy (a position I'm sure he'd hold if NHLers weren't allowed to play in Vancouver next year and Canada's best and brightest stars were willing to risk suspension to participate). [Puck Daddy, Cult of Hockey]
  • Video from Day Two of Bears training camp, including a chat with Joe Finley (3:54 mark). [John Walton Hockey]
  • Bad news out of Pittsburgh - the one Penguin you might care about got hurt last night. []
  • Finally, happy 58th birthday to Milan Novy, probably the greatest player in NHL history to wear the number 66.