Leftovers: Media Day Interviews

Most of the quotes I got at Media Day on Saturday made it into the post on Bob Woods' impact on the Caps' young defensemen. But there were a couple of other topics covered, some of which might find their way into future posts, while some won't. Rather than hoard them, I'll throw 'em out to you all here.

Bruce Boudreau

Japers' Rink: With all the success you had last year during the regular season and the expectations this year, how do you stay focused over an 82-game regular season?

Boudreau: I'm looking to stay focused tomorrow - I don't know what's going on in March yet. But we will be focused because it's my job to keep them focused.

Mike Green

JR: Last season you guys had a tremendous amount of regular season success and it didn't end as well, and this year you have high expectations. How do you stay focused for 82 games over the regular season when you know that the playoffs are what really matter?

Green: I think that's half the battle - staying even keel throughout the whole season. Now a lot of us younger guys have experienced it - the travel, playing every game - and it is a long season, but you've gotta stay with it and take care of your body off the ice and on the ice and make sure that you're prepared for that new season come playoffs, because it's a whole different ball game once that starts, and if you're not in the best shape you can be in, you're not going to be at your best.

JR: How important is making Team Canada for you?

Green: It's extremely important for me personally. Growing up, I've always wanted to play in the Olympics and I have an opportunity now, but I'm not going to dwell on it too much and think about it every day; I'm going to worry about my team here and if they want me to be there, I'll do my best when I'm there.

JR: If you make the Canadian Team and you're in Vancouver and you've got Ovi lined up, do you take a shot at him?

Green: Sure. It's the Olympics - you're playing for your country. No, I'm not going to try to injure him, but I'll be playing my hardest.

Jeff Schultz

JR: What kind of things are you working on in your game, on or off the ice, for this year?

Schultz: Every year I'm trying to get stronger and faster. I think I've finally grown into my body right now and I'm able to put weight on and keep it on, so that's helping out. Maybe being a little more offensive, get a few more shots on net; I'd like to get a few more points than I have the past few years.

JR: [Re: The competition on the blueline]

Schultz: It's what everybody needs here. There are a lot of young guys coming up that want to leave a good impression and there's the older guys that want to say that ‘you're gonna have to fight us for these jobs here.' So I think camp's gonna be real competitive and that's a good thing.

JR: So are you one of these older guys... ?

Schultz: [laughs] I'm still fighting for a job.

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