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Tuesday Caps Clips: The Chase for the Cup

via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The first game of the Duchesne Cup tourney highlighted yesterday's camp action:
    • Group C jumped out to a 1-0 start with a 4-3 win over Group B. Kind post-scrimmage words for Andrew Gordon, Mathieu Perreault and Sean Collins, among others. [Capitals, In The Room]
    • Vogs recaps the scrimmage, including Q&A's with Bruce Boudreau, Matt Bradley and Brendan Morrison. [Caps365 (video)]
    • Five-hundred words on "opportunity," and two of 'em are "Jan" and "Benda." [Dump and Chase]
    • Peerless recaps the day (with photos to boot). [Peerless]
    • As does OFB. [OFB]
    • Tarik on the goaltending situation. [Washington Post]
    • Corey on the captain. [Washington Times]
    • More on Tomas Fleischmann's injury. [In The Room]
    • Can Alexandre Giroux make the jump from Chocolatetown to Chinatown? [John Walton Hockey]
    • Pictures! [TTT Hockey, Caps in Pictures (and again), sk8]
    • Neither Mike Green nor his ride are bound by conventional rules. [Rock the]
  • The Caps shot their video open last night and (spoiler alert!) it doesn't appear that there's any eye-liner or hairspray to be found. Check out some quick vids here, here and here and pics here.
  •'s fantasy rankings are out, and you can check out their point projections here. Apparently Michael Nylander has a 48-point season ahead of him. In the NHL. We'll take the under (and the over on Alexander Semin's 66 points). []
  • There are "currently only two NHL players that are bigger than the sport." Sorry, Schultzie, you ain't one of 'em. [XM204]
  • Pierre LeBrun's got some burning questions. Perhaps someone can suggest a soothing ointment to help him out. [ESPN]
  • CapsChick gives her take on the goalies. Jason Bacashihua sheds a single tear. [VFtCS]
  • In the second installment of "Behind the Bench," Boudreau recalls his 9/11 story. [Capitals]
  • Finally, happy 56th birthday to Ken Houston and happy 51st to Joel Quenneville.