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Friday Caps Clips: "Game On" for the Rookies

via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Rookie Camp wrapped up yesterday:
  • The President delivered some remarks yesterday in which he noted that the Caps/Pens playoff series, "showed everybody how enthusiastic our hockey fans are also here in the nation's capital." No one in the audience shouted out "You lie!" [eNews Park Forest]
  • More politics: Canada's outgoing (as in "leaving the job" not "life of the party) ambassador to the U.S. seems to prefer Alex Ovechkin to Sidney Crosby. Perhaps this is why he's outgoing. [Maclean's via FanShot]
  • The good news? The Caps announced that all 82 regular season games will be televised. The bad news? Only 49 of the 75 Comcast SportsNet games will be in HD, which is actually fewer HD games than the network carried last year. Seriously, it's 2009. Making me watch the Caps in standard definition is like forcing me to listen to "OK Computer" in mono - it's still better than damn near everything else out there, but it can be so much more enjoyable. [Capitals]
  • Speaking of television coverage, NHL Network will be showing a number of preseason games, but none featuring the Caps (unless you get NHLN Canada). []
  • In case you missed it last month, this excerpt from "Gabby" is certainly worth a read (or a re-read) today.
  • If the choices are Mark Cuban and AO, I'm going to go with the latter 99 times out of 100. [Puck Daddy]
  • More MVP in NYC coverage, if you can take any more. [Bog, Bog]
  • Oh, and he was in Toronto on Thursday at the Hockey Hall of Fame. He'll be back. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Alexandre Giroux and Quintin Laing are gunning for roster spots in D.C. this fall. They are, to put it generously, long shots. [The Patriot News]
  • Does this Caps plate even count? [Simply Sensational]
  • Look for Adam Oates to join the Lightning organization as some sort of power play consultant (if you're wondering about the connection, Oates and Lightning head coach Rick Tocchet were teammates in Boston, Washington and Philly). [Bolts Report]
  • Happy 47th birthday to Tony Camazzola and happy 43rd to Craig Billington.
  • Finally, it's a little weird to write an "on this date" bullet today, but here's an interesting historical note from the Hockey Hall of Fame. On this date back in 1969, the League announced that two teams would be added for the 1970-71 season - Vancouver, and one of Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City and Washington. The League eventually picked Buffalo.