Ranking the Capitals: #10

In an effort to beat the summer doldrums, we're undertaking to rank - with your help - the Washington Capitals, from Ovechkin to, well, we'll see. The criteria is simple: who at this moment is the most valuable player in the organization who hasn't already been ranked? Put another way, if you could only keep one of the remaining players - because of what he brings on the ice or off it, his upside, what he could fetch in trade, and so on - who would it be? Consider age, potential, contract status, organizational depth, etc. - it's your call. And after you vote and defend your selection in the comments, help us out and suggest a name to add to the next poll. [Note: previous "Ranking the Capitals" posts can be found here."]

Welcome Tom Poti to the list, and Boyd Gordon to the poll...

  1. Alex Ovechkin
  2. Nicklas Backstrom
  3. Mike Green
  4. Alexander Semin
  5. Semyon Varlamov
  6. Brooks Laich
  7. Karl Alzner
  8. Mike Knuble
  9. Tom Poti

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