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Friday Caps Clips: Hockey's Larry Doby

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Mike Marson, via <a href="">La vie est une puck</a>
Mike Marson, via La vie est une puck

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The most underrated signing of the offseason is none other than Mike Knuble. I'd have had Brendan Morrison in the Top 10 too, but that's just me. []
  • Speaking of Knuble, Puck Daddy asked him whether he thought Flyer fans would boo him upon his return to Philly. He was unsure in his answer, but The700Level wasn't. [The700Level]
  • Back to (where top ten lists rule the day), their list of the top ten Russians NHLers has a couple of familiar names on it, including one at the very top. []
  • If you thought any less of Sergei Fedorov for taking the money and running back to Russia, get ready to feel guilty - he claims he's been screwed out of owed $43 million, which is about three-quarters of what he earned in salary during his NHL career. [Puck Daddy, From the Rink]
  • Minor damage requires minor damage control. In unrelated news, here's a nice video spot the Caps just put out on Joe Finley. []
  • As for Big Joe's legal woes, the Caps "haven't announced any sort of punishment..., but the inevitable assignment to the ECHL later this season seems like punishment enough." Well struck. [WCHB]
  • The University of New Hampshire has been put on probation for two years for "major recruiting violations." Caps prospect Phil DeSimone has played at UNH for the past two seasons, and is to be joined there this fall by 2008 Caps draftee Greg Burke. [USCHO]
  • CapsChick takes a look at who's spending what where and notes that "if every team [spent to the cap and] meted out the cash at each position based on the percentage of the roster, the forwards would make up 59% of the payroll, or about $33.5 million. The defense, at about 32%, would be at $18.2 million, leaving $5.1 million, or 9% for the goalies." By my math, the Caps fit this hypothetical structure almost exactly. How 'bout that? [VFtCS]
  • Here's some help on a stalkerrific new feature. [Simply Sensational]
  • If you happen to be in Moscow tonight, here's where Alex Ovechkin will be partying. Actually, he'll be partying there whether you're in Moscow or not. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Expect the Avalanche to be one of the hardest working teams in hockey. What, you thought that with Joe Sacco and Steve Konowalchuk behind the bench, they'd be runnin' and gunnin'? [New England Hockey Journal]
  • Another former Cap is getting a new gig as well, as Dave Poulin has joined the Maple Leafs front office. []
  • If you're new to this site or never bothered to try to figure out what SB Nation is all about, here's your must-read for today. [PensBurgh]
  • Finally, Happy 54th Birthday to one of the original Caps, Mike Marson, who finished third on the 1974-75 team in scoring with 28 points and had the third-worst plus-minus on the team at minus-65 (um, ouch). Marson (whom the Caps selected ahead of Bryan Trottier, among others, in the 1974 Amateur Draft) is best known as the NHL's second African-Canadian player, breaking into the League nearly two decades after Willie O'Ree became hockey's Jackie Robinson. Do yourself a favor and read up on Marson over at Joe Pelletier's Greatest Hockey Legends and