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Random notes from a STH teleconference earlier today with Bruce Boudreau and George McPhee, listed for page view's sake:

On the # 1 goaltender: "Varly's got to prove it again to me...Varly & Neuvy have to prove they want to knock (Theo) off" (BB)

On John Carlson: "Gonna be a really good player...will contend for a job this year." (BB)

On Joe Finley at forward: Based on organizational depth in the position, "we're toying with the idea right find what the best fit for him is." (BB)

On Brent Johnson: "Probably not returning..." (GM)

On Bob Woods: "He coached Mike Green and Jeff Schultz when I was there (in Hershey) and they're comfortable with him." (BB)

On the hate of Jeff Schultz, and whether fans are too rough on him: "I think they ARE rough on him...He's a top 4 defenseman for us...Makes the right play at the right time. Doesn't hit, but gets in people's way...Doesn't do it with pizzazz, they should cut him some slack." (BB) "He's ahead of schedule as far as we're concerned...takes about 300 games for an NHL defenseman to be comfortable...Jeff's a smart player." (GM)

On the team overcoming adversity, playoff deficits, etc...: "I don't think anything scares us now." (BB)

On what's encouraging for this year: "The ability to win the games against the big teams in their building." (BB) "We're pleased with how this team is progressing." (GM)

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