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Tuesday Caps Clips: Gustafsson Heading to Hershey? Carlson Heading to D.C.?

photo of <strong>Braden Holtby</strong> by <a href="">Hans Bruesch via Flickr</a>
photo of Braden Holtby by Hans Bruesch via Flickr

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Today at Development Camp: 10 a.m.: Group B on ice; 12 p.m.: Group A on ice.
  • Development Camp got off to a skating, err, running start yesterday:
    • "I was rusty out there. It's a feeling-out process for most of us on the first day. And the first bag skate always hurts." [Braden Holtby, via @washcaps]
    • "That was real competitive. Coach Boudreau is a really good coach. You better have your thinking cap on and make sure you listen." [Trevor Bruess, via @washcaps]
    • John Carlson impressed the hell out of everyone and some camp "veterans" showed up in better shape than they did in the past. [Capitals Insider]
    • Did we mention that John Carlson impressed? [OFB]
    • Holtby is like Simeon Varlamov, but a better puck handler. We're pretty sure he's not going to be correcting anyone on the pronunciation on his name, though. [Washington Times]
    • Additional Day 1 coverage from Vogs, Peerless, Capitals Kremlin and Puckhead's Thoughts (the latter two of whom provided great real-time coverage at @Capitalskremlin and @pckhdsthghts, respectively), as well as a terrific FanPost by ChrisAm.
    • Friend o' the Rink sk84fun_dc has a list of all the invitees who are at camp but weren't on last week's list. [HFBoards via CK]
    • Some great photos by Hans Bruesch (including the Holtby pic in this post) via @ahwahoo2006. [Flickr]
    • And still more fab photos... [Caps In Pictures]
  • Anton Gustafsson "says he wants to play in North America next year, and he doesn't care what his dad thinks about it." [@cmasisak22]
  • Bruce Boudreau's disciples continue to be gainfully employed. [Peerless]
  • If there's one way in which we wouldn't mind the Caps resembling the Redskins... it's in winning all those Championships. If there's a second way, this is probably it. [OFB]
  • Tickets go on sale to the general public today for Capitals Convention 2009 - grab 'em while you can. []
  • Mike Green is by no means a lock for Team Canada at next year's Olympics, but will he really lose a spot to Dion Phaneuf? [Illegal Curve]
  • Will we ever see another 100-point defenseman in the NHL? [FanHouse]
  • Punchline fail, since corrected. []
  • There goes one solution to The Nylander Problem (hereafter "TNP") - Nolan Yonkman has re-upped with the Preds organization. [On the Forecheck, and if you don't get the reference, click here (jokes are always better when you have to explain them!)]
  • Jimmy Jazz on the Top 10 Moments of the season. [TTTH]
  • R.I.P., George Dobson. [Dump 'n Chase]
  • Finally, on this date eleven years ago, the Caps signed Dmitri Mironov to a four-year/$11.5-million deal. Oy.