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Capitals to Face Canadiens at Olympic Stadium?

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See the picture above? That's Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Now imagine it with a few thousand more seats, a hockey rink in the middle of the field, and Alex Ovechkin at the center of it all. 

It could happen, and as early as next November. Per the Globe and Mail:

The final tinkering to the 92nd NHL regular season will be made in the next 24 hours, but a league source indicated yesterday that a Habs home game against the Washington Capitals and star sniper Alex Ovechkin “is still in the mix for late November.”

The indoor game at Olympic Stadium is expected to be contested on Nov. 28 or the previous Saturday to help commemorate the Canadiens’ centennial celebrations that will conclude on Dec. 5 with a match against the rival Boston Bruins at the Bell Centre.

Sounds exciting, no? Maybe not light-yourself-on-fire exciting (like a previous Olympic Stadium event), but exciting nonetheless.

Incidentally, the attendance record at The Big O is 78,322 for a Pink Floyd show from back in 1977. Perhaps it would be fitting, then, for Simeon Varlamov to pay homage and reprise his role as "The Wall" in Montreal around Thanksgiving.