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Monday Caps Clips: Twittering Prospects

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The return of your savory breakfast links:

  • Today at Development Camp: 10 a.m.: Group A (which includes Joe Finley, Braden Holtby, Zach Miskovic and Mathieu Perreault) on ice; 2:30 p.m.: Group B (which includes Francois Bouchard, John Carlson, Stefan Della Rovere, Anton Gustafsson) on ice. []
  • Prospects Braden Holtby and Trevor Bruess will be Tweeting from Development Camp all week. Think about how ridiculous that would have sounded a year or two ago. [@washcaps]
  • Chris Clark "realizes that his pro career has exceeded expectations." Hopefully, it will continue to.  [Watertown Daily Times]
  • Bruce Boudreau will be on The Junkies at 8:00 this morning. Or, as will be applicable to most of you, Bruce Boudreau was on The Junkies at 8:00 this morning. [Welcome to the Show]
  • Olie Kolzig is "99.9%" sure he's retiring. [ via Caps Message Board]
  • Speaking of goalies, if you thought the situation in the Caps net was crowded before, there may be another entry in the mix before long. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • This is way overdue, but if you've never checked out Jimmy Jazz's TTT Photo (an example of which is featured top right in this post) do so now. Unbelievable stuff. [TTT Photo]
  • "If [the Panthers are] looking for a grinder-type guy who can go to the net, [Graham Mink will] get an [NHL] opportunity," said former Bears head coach (and current Caps assistant) Bob Woods. Here's hoping the Cats are looking for a grinder-type guy who can go to the net. [The Patriot News]
  • Put cancer on ice. Do it. [PCOI]
  • Peerless is counting down "Ten Games That Mattered in 2008-09," which is far more interesting than "Ten Games That Didn't Matter in 2008-09" (otherwise known as "most of February") would be. [The Peerless Prognosticator]
  • Sticking with countdowns, CK has the "Top Ten Capitals Moments Off The Ice" from the past season [Capitals Kremlin (Part I and Part II)]
  • Caps Chick's take on the Brendan Morrison discount signing: "[I]it’s probably just the lure of playing alongside one of the game’s great wingers. Thank you, Tomas Fleischmann, for being the bait that draws the big names in." Amen. [A View From the Cheap Seats]
  • Mike Green has an awesome dragon. Of course he does. [Design Rink via Home & Design; and yeah, it's an old link, but I've never gotten around to sharing it]
  • Finally, happy 46th birthday to The Can't Miss Kid and happy 33rd to Darcy Verot.

Ed. note: We're going to try keep up with a clips post every morning to collect some of the links that might otherwise fall through the cracks and to give you all an open thread to talk about anything you want (which means we hope that the comments to the more single-topic/substantive posts can stay better focused than they sometimes tend to be). Cheers.