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Award Season Is Upon Us

The NHL will hand out it's awards in Vegas in a couple of weeks, and while there's a decent range of individual achievement that will be celebrated on that night, the League won't be doling out any hardware for "Best Punching Power/Most Destructive Fighter."

But fear not, fight fans. As always, has the collective back of the pugilism purists, and voting is already underway for the 2008-09 Awards. As was the case a year ago, Donald Brashear is a finalist in several categories, including Fight of the Year (for the win below and his loss to Wade Belak), the Kocur Award (for TKO or KO of the Year... for that Belak loss), the Probert Award (for fighter of the year), and the People's Choice Award (for the fan's fave fighter).

So go vote - it's the least you can do to support a guy who gets punched in the face for your entertainment.