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It's Starting To Get Drafty In Here...

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[A technical glitch has delayed the posting of this morning's Rink Wrap, so as you eagerly await your chance to vote on Milan Jurcina's 2008-09 season later today or tomorrow, chew on this for a bit.]

With just a few weeks to go before the NHL holds its annual entry draft, it's time to start familiarizing yourselves with some of the names that will be called on First Round Friday night. And while (barring a trade) the Caps won't be selecting any of the big dogs at the top of this list (they pick 24th), there are gems aplenty to be found later in the round, as John Carlson - last year's 27th pick overall - is well on his way to demonstrating.

Below is a list of thirty potential first-rounders, with links to the Draft Prospect Card for each. Study up.

Player Pos Ht Wt
Tavares, John C 6'0" 198
Hedman, Victor D 6'6" 220
Duchene, Matt C 5'11" 198
Kane, Evander C 5'11" 160
Paajarvi-Svensson, Magnus LW 6'1" 200
Schenn, Brayden C 6'0" 196
Cowen, Jared D 6'5" 218
Schroeder, Jordan RW 5'8" 165
Kulikov, Dmitri D 6'1" 195
Ellis, Ryan D 5'10" 173
Kadri, Nazem C 6'1" 177
Glennie, Scott C 6'1" 180
Josefson, Jacob C 6'0" 174
Ekman-Larsson, Oliver D 6'2" 176
Moore, John D 6'2" 189
Kassian, Zack RW 6'3" 205
Despres, Simon D 6'4" 214
Leblanc, Louis C 5'11"  170
Ashton, Carter RW 6'3" 205
Kreider, Chris LW  6'2"  200
Runblad, David RW 6'2  189
Ferraro, Landon RW  6'0"  165
Holland, Peter C 6'2"  178
Budish, Zack C/R 6'3" 229
Morin, Jeremy C 5'10"  189
Shore, Drew C 6'2"  165
Leddy, Nick D 5'11"  185
Olsen, Dylan D 6'2" 206
Elliot, Stefan D 6'0" 180
Palmieri, Kyle C 5'10"  185