More On Stretch's Game-Worn Jersey Expo Appearance

We mentioned last Friday afternoon that Brett Leonhardt will be on hand for a game-worn jersey expo in the wilds of New Jersey on Saturday, July 11th. Some of you expressed great concern that, perhaps, Stretch was parting with his historic bench-worn sweater from last December's home contest vs. Ottawa. Fear not. I spoke to Stretch this afternoon, who confirmed that the jersey is absolutely not for sale. In keeping with the (New) Jersey theme, it's going to be properly "kept in the family." (By the way, the Capitals, in addition to ensuring that Brett keeps those synthetic red threads for all time, presented him earlier with a plaque including the official game sheet, his ATO contract, and game puck.) He'll be at the July 11th expo to answer questions about his experience on that historic December day, with the jersey simply on display.

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