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Varlamov Denies any Interest in KHL

[Today's issue of Sovietsky Sport had a teaser for an interview between SS's Pavel Lysenkov and Semyon Varlamov, the entirety of which will be in tomorrow's edition.]

"A few days ago I was in Yaroslavl, taking exams" said Semyon. "Now I'm already at home in Samara. Where am I studying? At the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University, in the Physical Training department. I'm a rising fourth year."

Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander Ovechkin studied the same thing, and they recalled that they got hung up on the question "what is the diameter of a puck?"

"To be honest, I couldn't tell you the diameter of a puck either" laughed Varlamov. "I do agree it's a killer question. I hope I don't get it during my next sessions."

I'm sure you're getting automatic straight A's now that you're a star.

"I'm not going to argue with you, they make it easier to pass the exams when they know you. Although I take my studies seriously and don't take any shortcuts."

While you were in Yaroslavl, a rumor came out that Lokomotiv offered you a 2 year contract.

"I saw this surprising bit of information on the internet, and I'm ready to refute it. I did not have negotiations with the leadership of Lokomotiv. I can't even imagine who put out this rumor."

I think I'd be proud of this-when rumors like this start swirling around you, it means you've made it as a player.

"I like it. Especially since it's not just anyone "wooing" me, but Lokomotiv itself! But I haven't received any proposals. And I'm not prepared to look at any."


"I had a task of play a full season in North America, and I did that. If I had spent all season in Washington's farm club and was never called to the NHL, then of course I might start to think about returning to Russia. That would be logical, if there was no chance of me making it on to a team...

But now I don't have any desire to look at any offers. I have to become Washington's main goalkeeper and make it to the Olympics. Those are the goals I'm striving towards."