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Alexander Ovechkin: Two Harts, No Cup... Yet

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In the wake of Alex Ovechkin's second-consecutive Hart Trophy victory, the question was asked, "Can you name me one other two-time MVP player that isn’t in the Hall of Fame?"

And since there's no such thing as a rhetorical question on the internet (or is there?), it was quickly answered:

Well, 17 players have won the Hart Memorial Trophy at least twice, including newly-minted two-time winner Alex Ovechkin. Of the other 16, how may have done so who are not in the Hall of Fame?

One... Dominik Hasek, and he's a lock to get in.

Alex Ovechkin would appear to have more to look forward to in his hockey life.

Indeed it would appear so, and perhaps long before the Hall comes calling. You see, there's something else that the sixteen multi-Hart winners prior to Ovechkin have in common; try to guess what it is from the following list of the legends who've taken home the trophy award at least twice:

Player Hart Trophies Stanley Cups
Wayne Gretzky  9 4
Gordie Howe  6 4
Eddie Shore  4 2
Howie Morenz  3 3
Bobby Clarke  3 2
Mario Lemieux  3 2
Bobby Orr  3 2
Jean Beliveau  2 10
Mark Messier  2 6
Guy Lafleur  2 5
Bill Cowley  2 2
Phil Esposito  2 2
Dominik Hasek  2 2
Bobby Hull  2 1
Stan Mikita  2 1
Nels Stewart  2 1

Need a minute? I didn't think so.

Every single player in NHL history who was named Most Valuable Player of the League more than once won at least one Stanley Cup in his career (and most of 'em were multiple winners there, too). Winners win. Period.

At some point, someone will probably be the first player to win a couple of Harts and go Cup-less. And it might be Alex Ovechkin who does it. Then again, after four Hart Trophies and no Stanley Cups, they may have been saying the same thing about Wayne Gretzky back in 1983.