Is it time to change assistant coaches?

Yesterday, I posted the column from Kevin Paul Dupont suggesting that it might be time for Bruce Boudreau to go, which just about everyone, including myself, thought was absurd. So now, I'm going to move down the ladder to the more realistic suggestion of making a move to bring in a new assistant coach. As Ken Campbell of the Hockey News noted:

But what the Capitals need most is for someone to teach them there are rewards to playing diligent hockey without the puck and inside your own blueline. But it must be done without stifling the creativity and spontaneity that has made the Capitals the most exciting young team in the league....Now, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau is not the man to instill that philosophy on the Capitals and there’s nothing wrong with that. He brings so many other positive attributes to the job and has such loyalty from the players that there is no doubt he is the right man to be behind the bench. But what Boudreau needs now is someone to help him get that message across to his team. What he needs is an assistant coach such as Craig Ramsey or Perry Pearn, a guy who’s perfectly content to be the second-in-command and is willing to stand by and quietly do his work, while all those around him get rave reviews for their work. There are a lot of those kinds of guys out there and the Capitals would be well advised to get their hands on one of them.


Keep in mind, Leach and Evanson were not Bruce's choices. They were kept on after Hanlon was fired. I assume the reasoning was that Boudreau needed some experienced NHL assistants to help him understand how a big league team was run. There's no denying that the three have formed a successful partnership, but you have to wonder if the time hasn't arrived for another voice behind the bench, particularly someone with strong defensive instincts. So the question is, do the Caps need to add one or two new assistant coaches as they try to make the move to a true Stanley Cup contender? Fire away.

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