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Viktor Kozlov: Headed to the KHL?

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[File this one under "wild rumors and speculation," but it's one that seems to be picking up steam. The following article appeared in Monday's edition of the Russian sporting news website "Sport Den' Za Dnyem" ("Sports Daily"). H/T Capitals Forum.]

Viktor Kozlov to Russia?                               

"Sports Daily" has been informed that the St. Petersburg Army team will be strengthened during the offseason by the addition of three forwards-the Czech Petr Čajánek, Sergei Zinoviev and Viktor Kozlov. Year before last, Čajánek and Zinoviev were with Ak Bars, and last year they returned to Moscow Dynamo. But while Čajánek moved into the white and blue camp this summer as a free agent, Zinoviev required the intervention of the KHL to terminate his contract. Kozlov has been in the NHL since 1993 and during that time has played for four (sic) clubs: San Jose, Florida, the Islanders, New Jersey and Washington. During the last regular season he played 67 games for the Capitals, accumulating 41 (13+28) points. It is also true that Salavat Ufa is also interested in the services of the 34 year-old hockey player. The club from the Bashkortostan capital may also continue the career of former SKA forward Andreas Johansson, who missed last year due to injury and worked as a commentator for Swedish television during the World Championship.

-- Tatiana Chernova, Hockey Department reporter

Update: Per The Washington Times, Kozlov "said teams from Russia are interested in him but he wants to stay here and specifically with the Caps. He said he’s going to talk everything over with his family before deciding on his future."

Additionally, Sport-Express's Slava Malamud has apparently indicated that "Viktor Kozlov would play in the KHL next year."

Stay tuned...