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Closing the Book on Game Seven


Question: Why is it that the team's final salute to the fans would up being more moving than even the celebration after David Steckel's Game 6 winner?

Answer: Great question. It's something like the reason that dramas earn more Oscars than buddy comedies, that Wagner weighs a few more ounces than the Marriage of Figaro, that as much as you love PTI it's still not Outside the Lines, that you remember Shoeless Joe disappearing into the cornfields more than you do his arrival.

Steckel's goal, in my head, is still just a Twitter feed, 140 dashed-off characters of red shirts and white smiles with sloppy punctuation and ha-ha abbreviations. The salute is a series of stills: the team waiting for Ovechkin to complete the handshake line. Ovechkin slowly heading toward them, helmet off, and then raising his stick. His teammates responding in kind, slowly clapping. - DC Sports Bog

Note: "Real" content will return soon enough, fret not...