4/5/09: Recap and tomorrow's games

Today's games (involving Eastern Conference teams):

  1. Caps 6 - Thrashers 4: They allowed us to score more than we did them.  Caps MN for the 2 seed is 5 (NJD).
  2. Panthers 4 - Pens 2: Ruh roh...Canadiens now control the 6 seed, Pitt the 7 seed.  The Pens need 3 points in 3 games to clinch the playoffs.  If the Panthers win out, they are in the playoffs (see ya, Torts).

Tomorrow's games (involving Eastern Conference teams):

  1. Sens @ Canadiens: A loss is better for the Caps if you'd like to see the Canadiens in the first round.  Canadiens MN for the 6 seed is 7 points (Pittsburgh).
  2. Wings @ Sabres: This is the final East v. West game of the season.  No real impact unless you like guys named Lindy.


You can find an updated Playoff Tracker here.  Note that in the tracker, I don't account for tiebreakers but I've added a little table to help compare head to head points earned.

Best case Scenario for tomorrow:

Create your own, based upon how you feel about the 6/7 seed.

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