Allan Muir is the new Garrioch

"Boudreau's option is Simeon Varlamov, a 21-year-old Russian whose resume is pretty much babysitting and lawn mowing at this point." -- Sports Illustrated's Allan Muir.

As usual, Muir is under-informed. His credibility is approaching Garrioch-level.

Varly has a distinguished resume for a 21-year-old G. He was 5-1 with a 1.51 GAA int he 2006-07 world juniors. That same year he had a 2.17 GAA in 33 games while in the top Russian league. In Hershey this season, Varly was 19-7-1, 2.40, .916, numbers significantly better than any other Hershey G.

Is Varlamov Marty Brodeur? No. But should Muir know what he's talking about (for a change)? Uh, yeah.

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