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So You're Saying There's a Chance

Quick reminder - the Caps are down 1-0 in a best-of-seven series, not a best-of-one.

To be sure, that's not as good a position to be in as being up a game in the series, but before Stan Fischler breaks out his broom, let's make one thing clear: this series is still basically a coin-flip.

Historically, NHL squads that found themselves down 1-0 in a first-round best-of-seven after dropping the first game at home have gone on to win 49.3% of those series (thanks in part to a .681 Game 2 winning percentage).

Throughout all rounds of NHL playoffs, Game 1 home losers have won 45.7% of series, and throw the NBA and Major League Baseball into the mix and that number is 44.1%.

Point being, the Rangers still have to win three more games before they advance. Sorry, Stan.