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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Today's must-read: Steinz on John Druce. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Does the WaPo have a sports editor? Why is Mike Wise writing the same article Tarik wrote a day earlier? [WaPo]
  • Speaking of the WaPo, Tarik on the second season (we'll look for Wise on the second season tomorrow), Barry Svrluga on the team's Russians, and Sally Jenkins on you-know-who
  • Over at the WaTi, Corey is killing it with articles on Jose Theodore and Simeon Varlamov and an in-depth series preview, and Thom Loverro has a column on using last year's loss as motivation.
  • Mercifully, this is the last day of articles in which the teams blow smoke about how great the other team is. [AP]
  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Brian Pothier. How about a healthy scratch as a present? [CI]
  • "[T]here’s no way the Rangers will beat the Caps in the first round." [NY Daily News]
  • Chris Drury's a great quote. []
  • Stan Fischler knows how to stop Alex Ovechkin - have Sean Avery shadow him. Hey, a similar tactic once worked 59 years ago, so it's bound to work again. [MSG]
  • knows something that we don't know. I mean, they know a lot of things we don't know, but one thing of particular interest. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Pierre LeBrun thinks Jose Theodore is on a short leash. We don't. [ESPN]
  • If he can make it there, he'll make it anywhere - the Times sells AO. [NYT]
  • A look at the playoffs' match-ups of masked men. [SportingNews]
  • Please tell me this is all just a Three's Company-esque misunderstanding and that what these guys are actually getting are Red Stripes and not red streaks. [WttS]
  • If Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a Caps graphic, it might look like this. And the heads would flap. [WaPo]
  • A lot of regular season love for a couple of Caps, but not so much post-season faith (except for from the lovely Helene St. James). [USA Today]
  • Numbers... formulas... Caps are gonna win a couple of rounds... numbers... [Puck Prospectus]
  • The First Fan gets his formal informal invite. [Ted's Take]
  • The crew weighs in with its predictions, and Daren Eliot has the Caps in fiveMichael Farber has the Caps in seven and Allan Muir has the Caps in five.
  • Apparently the Metro is going to be hell tonight and on Saturday. [Caps Message Board]
  • Peerless prognosticates Caps in five. [Peerless]
  • The Forechecker thinks it'll be a short series with the Caps advancing as well. [On the Forecheck]
  • The Caps had the two most clutch skaters in hockey this season. [THN]
  • I really have no idea what "a Twitter community" is, but join it, if you're into that sort of thing (oh, and follow us). [CK]
  • If you weren't already a Caps fan, you'd want to be after reading Rob's plea. [StC]
  • Michal Neuvirth is the man in Hershey, and seizing the opportunity. [Patriot News]
  • Sticking with the Bears, playoff lines seem set (spoiler alert: don't expect to see any of the new guys in uniform). [Patriot News]