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Capitals/Rangers: Knuckles and Bongos

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via Yahoo!

With word out of Kettler that Donald Brashear is skating, assigned to a line and ready to return to game action (even though no one fights in the playoffs any more), we figured now's as good a time as any to revisit the post-season history of pugilism between the Caps and Rangers, using the format we threw out at you back in February to look at the top Caps fights over the past four seasons.

Not surprisingly, you'll see the names Brashear and Colton Orr often on this list - neither man has fought anyone in the NHL more than he has tussled with the other (six times in total), with The Donald coming out on top far more often than not (though he did lose their last bout). And, in case you're wondering, no current Cap has ever dropped 'em with Sean Avery.

So here's the list of all the fights between the Caps and Rangers since the start of the 2005-06 season (ranked as rated by you, the fans, at

Combatants Date Rating Winner
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 12/12/07 7.5 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 2/11/09 7.5 Orr
Donald Brashear vs. Brendan Shanahan 12/30/06 6.5 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 12/30/06 6.4 Brashear
Matt Bradley vs. Aaron Voros 2/11/09 6.2 Voros
Chris Clark vs. Wade Redden 1/3/09 6.1 Redden
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 2/10/07 5.5 Brashear
Brian Sutherby vs. Ryan Hollweg 2/10/07 5.2 Sutherby
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 11/11/06 4.5 Brashear
Alexander Semin vs. Marc Staal 1/3/09 4.1 Staal
Shaone Morrisonn vs. Colton Orr 12/30/06 3.7 Orr
Chris Clark vs. Jason Strudwick 12/3/05 NR N/A

Finally, here's a that top-rated tangle (ouch):