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Thursday Caps Clips

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Lets hit the links:

  • The AP previews tonight's Caps/MarliesLeafs game. does the same.
  • WaTimes on the deadline, WaPo on same.
  • How many of the Caps' "6-8 Grade A prospects" can you name? [In The Room]
  • The Caps were "losers" yesterday. [CanWest]
  • Well, Michael Nylander's still here. Hopefully he doesn't read The Examiner. [The Examiner]
  • While you're busy freaking out about the way the Caps have been playing of late, DMG drops a little knowledge that deserves a wider audience: "Last season between February 7th and February 29th, the Detroit Red Wings were 1-8-2. The season before, Anaheim went 3-7-1 in late January and early February. In 05-06, Carolina went 1-3-3 in mid April." I don't have to tell you what those three teams have in common. [Japers' Rink FanPost]
  • Finally, huge thanks to everyone who made yesterday a record-setting day here at The Rink and who contributed to the 2,000+ comments. Imagine if the Caps had actually done something...