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Tuesday Caps Clips

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Let's hit the links:

  • Apparently discipline is still an issue for the Caps. You don't say. [WTimes]
  • A look at hockey in Hershey. [WaPo]
  • George McPhee tends to speak softly but carry a big cell phone leading up to the trade deadline. [Dump n' Chase]
  • The Caps are "looking to add a gritty top-six winger and a top-four defenseman." And around $5 million to the salary cap ceiling. [TFP]
  • Darren Elliot hints that the Caps could be in on Chris Pronger (who's probably not going anywhere), but please, Darren, remove Karl Alzner's name from your article - it makes you look ignorant. []
  • The Caps are in on Kari Lehtonen and/or Jay Bouwmeester? Wait, it's Bruce Garrioch. Nevermind. [Ottawa Sun]
  • Speaking of Garrioch, he says the Caps are in on Derek Morris and that Bill Guerin and Doug Weight would be Caps if only the Caps could move Michael Nylander. If only. [Ottawa Sun]
  • Sorry, Birthday Boy (no, not Kelly Miller), but the correct answer to "Which team would you least want to play in the playoffs?" is, "I don't care - we can beat anyone." [OFB]
  • THN's Future Watch issue is out, and the Caps' cupboard ain't nowhere close to bare. Sidenote: be sure to check back later this morning for some of our thoughts on the kids.
  • "Don Cherry has almost become the George W. Bush of hockey: Ignorant, ideological, dismissive of the facts, governed by his gut." Somehow, I think both men would take that comparison as a compliment. [National Post]
  • See how many double entendres you can find in the Times' article on Club Scarlett (and I'm not sure "Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom autographs the arm of self-described 'hard-core' fan Sarah Bizer of Annandale" counts). [Times]
  • The CP, like everyone else, knows Mike Green's going to be an Olympian. [CP]
  • Buy or sell the Verizon Center as the 12th best arena in the League? [Illegal Curve]
  • New power rankings are out with the Caps down one to fifth at, down four to seventh at The Hockey News, down two to fourth at, and down one to second at
  • Heads up to our readers in Gotham - Pepper's getting together a viewing party for the Caps/Leafs. [the red skate]
  • Former Cap Dennis Maruk was on NHL Alumni Hour on XM204 yesterday. [XM204]
  • I was just thinking, the world could use another Caps blog. [Capitals Outsider]
  • Hey, we're not the only ones who give Teddy Ruth grief for being the dude who was traded for Sergei Fedorov. [James Duthie]
  • The trade deadline is apparently such serious business that "the league synchronizes all of its clocks and faxes with the Eastern Time Zone clock at" Ooooh. [ESPN]
  • Jakub Klepis > Jaromir Jagr. [SlapShot]
  • Youth hockey is on the rise in the area. [[WTimes]
  • SB Nation gets a nice shout out in the WSJ. [Ted's Take]
  • Finally, on this date five years ago, the Caps sent Sergei Gonchar to Boston for Shaone Morrisonn and the picks that were used to draft Jeff Schultz and Mikhail Yunkov.