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Monday Caps Clips

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Let's hit the links:

  •'s postgame from yesterday's debacle. []
  • WaPo recap and blog; WiTi recap and blog.
  • Four Caps were great in February, but Player of the Month has to be Kovalchuk, no? [USA Today]
  • Some Don Cherry fallout for you, as AO responds, as does the team's media staff, Mick Kern has Grapes' back while they've got AO's in Pittsburgh. By the way, Grapes' jingoism-on-steroids didn't end with his comments on Alex.
  • A must-read on the trade rumors swirling around Bill Guerin. [Peerless]
  • Don't engrave Alex Ovechkin's name on the Hart Trophy quite yet (unless you haven't done it yet for last year's award, in which case, what in the hell are you waiting for?) [Winnipeg Sun]
  • Two Backstroms? That's just crazy talk (or is it a done deal?) [Ottawa Sun]
  • AO is good people... [CP]
  • ... even if he does box little girls. [OFB]
  • Sweet bobblehead. $100 sweet? Uh, no. [TTTH]
  • Perhaps the most sensible take on Club Scarlett yet. [BMR]
  • Sweet - my iPhone will get reception in the Metro soon. [DCist]
  • You had me at "condom shopping with Anna Kournikova." [Deadspin]
  • On a housekeeping note, a word of thanks from us to you - despite it being the shortest month of the year, you guys rocked it in February, and our page views and visits were each up around 20%. Since coming to SB Nation, page views are up more than 90%, and obviously, we couldn't do that without you (DMG can only hit "refresh" so many times during the day).
  • Finally, on this date back in 1995, Jim Carey made his NHL debut in a 4-3 win on Long Island.