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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps from the WaPo (blog) and WaTi (blog).
  • "Washington’s Mike Green is a lock for one of the [Norris Trophy] nominations and the leading contender to take home the hardware in Vegas." [NYI Point Blank]
  • You shouldn't feel as good about the Caps' power play as you do, and you might not realize how bad the penalty kill is either. Good morning, sunshine! [Peerless]
  • Time for some heavy lifting: Alex Ovechkin vs. Cheryl Cole (née Tweedy). Go vote. For AO. I think. [TBL]
  • Some late power rankings, with the caps up one to ninth at Yahoo! Sports, holding at fifth at, and up three to fourth at
  • They're lovin' Mathieu Perreault in Chocolatetown. [Lebanon Daily News]
  • Bear Tracks! [Lebanon Daily News]
  • Staying in Hershey, Quintin Laing is ready to return from a knee injury and the blueline is still crowded. [Patriot-News]
  • Count Grant McNeill among those who oppose the NHL's proposal  to add an additional 10-minute misconduct to any "appointment" fights. Wonder why. [Patriot-News]
  • WHL Alumni Spotlight on Karl Alzner. [WHL]
  • Dmitry Kugryshev makes The Hot List. [The Hockey News]
  • Joe Finley is a stinkin' genius. [WCHA via WCHB]
  • When you're a resident of Lotteryville, you really enjoy wins like Monday night's. [Ice Man]
  • If you haven't yet signed up for our March Madness bracket, do so now or we'll hurt DMG in ways that would make Dick Cheney gasp.
  • With the addition of Raw Charge (just before the Caps play the Bolts, too) SB Nation has filled out the entire Southeast Division.
  • Finally, happy birthdays to former Caps Jonas Johansson, Brantt Myhres, Craig Johnson and Jan Bulis (and how 'bout those first three names?).