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Monday Caps Clips

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Let's hit the links:

  • All Pothier, all the time at, WaPo and WaTi.
  • "[O]nly five players in NHL history have had back-to-back seasons in which they’ve scored 10 or more goals than anybody else in the league." You-know-who is likely to join that very impressive group. [WaTi]
  • The Caps are "the most entertaining team in the NHL." I think we all know what we'd gladly trade that moniker for. [ESPN]
  • Thanks to Rage, we now have our awesomeified Eastern Conference Playoff Predictor available for download. There goes your productivity for the morning.
  • Good vs. Evil. Go vote. [TBL]
  • "Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, who leads the NHL with [49] goals, had scored only once with his backhand. And that was an empty-netter." Not terribly surprising, given the curve on his stick, is it? [Globe and Mail]
  • Hey, Hershey froze ticket prices for next season, despite being the hottest ticket in town. Ahem. []
  • Speaking of Hershey Washington, here's Simeon Varlamov's card from ITG's 2008-09 Between the Pipes set. Sweet. [Stack the Pads]
  • Now that the NCAA hoops tourney brackets are set, head on over to make your picks and, more importantly, represent The Rink. Insider tip: the 'Cuse is a lock for the Elite Eight.
  • Finally, last March, AO came into Atlanta sitting on 58 goals on the season. The rest, as they say, is history: