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Pick 'Em: Brads or Brash?

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There's no question that any discussion of grit, physicality and toughness among Capitals forwards starts with Alex Ovechkin Donald Brashear and Matt Bradley. The two are second and third in hits among the team's forwards, have accounted for 20 of the team's 26 fighting majors, and can generally be counted on to forecheck hard and use the body when necessary.

However, neither Brashear and Bradley is exactly an offensive dynamo - the two have five goals and thirteen points between them on the season - and if another forward were available, they'd probably be the two Bruce Boudreau would look at as potential scratches. With that in mind, the question we have for you today is: If you were Bruce Boudreau and you have only one sweater to give to either Brashear or Bradley come playoff time, who would it go to? Some season stats to help your decision-making:

Bradley Brashear
Games 68 63
Goals 4 1
Assists 5 3
Points 8 4
Plus-Minus -1 -6
PIMs 55 121
Fights 9 11
Fight Record 0-5-4 6-3-2
Hits 104 119
Blocked Shots 16 8
Takeaways 17 20
Giveaways 18 26
Corsi 1.0 -0.8
ES GF/60 1.74 0.95
ES GA/60 1.83 1.66
Qual. Comp. -0.03 -0.09
Qual. Team. -0.48 -0.55
ATOI 10:41 8:14