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Breaking The First Rule Of Hockey's Fight Club...

Pugilism in pucks is a much discussed topic these days, and by all means feel free to share your thoughts in the comments to this post. But rather than dive into the issue head first (it is, after all, Friday), we'll dance around and glorify the fisticuffs a bit for now. 

Inspired by Behindthenet's post on the top 25 fights over the past three seasons (as rated by you, the fans, at, here's a list of the top 10-rated Caps fights over that span (click on the combatants to go to the hockeyfights page for that bout):

Combatants Date Rating Winner
Donald Brashear vs. Jody Shelley 11/22/08 8.3 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Georges Laraque 10/20/07 8.1 Laraque
Donald Brashear vs. Andrew Peters 12/26/06 7.6 Peters
Matt Bradley vs. Milan Lucic 3/3/08 7.6 Lucic
Donald Brashear vs. Shawn Thornton 3/3/08 7.5 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 12/12/07 7.5 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Chris Neil 12/29/07 7.5 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Aaron Downey 12/27/06 7.3 Brashear
John Erskine vs. Brian McGrattan 12/6/06 7.3 McGrattan
John Erskine vs. Milan Lucic 1/3/08 7.1 Erskine

And here's a look at that highest-rated fight over the past three seasons:

Agree or disagree - was that the "best" (whatever that means in this context) fight inolving a Cap in three years? What are your thoughts, more generally, on fighting in hockey?