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Thursday Caps Clips

Lets hit the links:

  • "[T]hat round peg in that round hole." Lebowski Rug. Same thing. [WaPo (where Tarik chats at 1:00)]
  • A full-on column (front page, no less) from Steinz is always a good thing. [WaPo]
  • Corey on staying focused against lesser competition. [WaTimes]
  • "I think Pronger has the potential to do what he did in Edmonton, take a new team by the throat and drag it along for a long playoff run. Think he'd look pretty good in a Caps uniform alongside Mike Green?" "I don't get the sense the Caps are hungry to make a big move at this point. [ESPN]
  • Sovetsky Sport's Pavel Lysenkov spent a day with the Caps and has a bunch of photos to prove it, including one of the elusive Alex Semin smile (and nearly more). [Блог Павла Лысенкова]
  • Based on 1,000 simulations of the rest of the season, the Caps have a 5.3% chance of winning the Cup. [Hockey Reference]
  • Michael Farber reads waaaay too much into AO's shootout show. []
  • Even Pennsylvanians are starting to see the light. [DelCoTimes]
  • "[I]nstead of riding with your success and maintaining gracefully, you decide that a trip to the gutter is worth the trouble for your beloved franchises. And that’s why everybody here hates you." Guess the city. [Stet Sports Blog via TBL]
  • Five reasons why the NHL is better than the NBA. I could come up with another 750 or so, if needed. [Complex Blog via @umassdilo]
  • ESPN's having some money troubles, so Versus puffs its chest out. [WSJ via TBL]
  • One year ago today was last season's Deadline Day. Honestly, D-Day might be my favorite holiday - all the fun of opening new presents and seeing what everyone else got without having to deal with all the family distractions. Love it.
  • More great news from SB Nation, where we introduced two new (well, not new so much as new to SB Nation) blogs, On The Forecheck and Matchsticks and Gasoline. OTF has long been one of my favorite blogs, and both have fantastic logos, so stop by and say hey.