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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Let's hit the links:

  • First off, SB Nation has a sweet new deal to provide content to Yahoo!, meaning that when you go to the Yahoo! Caps page, for example, you'll see a Japers' Rink widget. Supersweet, and welcome Yahoo! readers. [Blog Huddle]
  • If you didn't see our other big news from yesterday, make to check it out. [Tuvanhillbilly]
  • WaPo recap and blog from last night's game; WiTimes recap and blog.
  • Flyers fans, not surprisingly, dug last night's game. [700 Level]
  • More from the Philly side at the Courier Post and Philly Daily News (and here).
  • A win for Alex Ovechkin and a loss for Mike Green in the "hockey Oscars." What? [Canoe]
  • "My best guess is that the Ducks won’t trade [Chris] Pronger at the deadline, simply because if they do decide to trade him, they could get a better package this summer." [USAToday]
  • It may sound more like a gentleman's club than a micro-site for female Caps fans, but "Club Scarlet" is getting some nice press. [AP, Deadspin]
  • We, however, would like you to take the site's headshots and caption them in the comments. For example:


    "Johnson. Brent Johnson." Except, you know, funny.
  • A few more power rankings are out, with the Caps up one to fourth at and Fox Sports, up two to second at (where it sounds like Allan Muir had something else on his mind when writing his Caps blurb) holding at fourth at Y!
  • A "Day in the Life" of Mike Green premieres runs on Saturday on NHLN (after premiering Thursday at 7pm). [WTtS]
  • Proteau says play up Sid vs. Alex. [Hockey News]
  • "Wow, [Sid,] a pacifier that doubles as a mouth guard? Does RBK make that?" Brilliant. [Hockey News]
  • Bear Tracks! [Lebanon Daily News]
  • "Is Don Cherry the biological father of Alex Ovechkin?" [ESPN]
  • If I was running a rumor site, I'd make sure I understood the salary cap pretty well. Just sayin'. [TFP]
  • Chin up, Capital Spirit - we think you're the bee's knees. [Capital Spirit]
  • Happy 23rd Birthday, Jeff Schultz. Oh, to be 23 and have a career +34 rating.